Catching Them All: 5 Tips to GO Further

Have you noticed creatures of all colours, sizes, and temperaments appearing in your neighborhood, your place of work, or even in your bedroom? A fire-breathing lizard sitting at the water cooler, cute as a button? Or a haunting gaseous ghost floating by on a downtown street? And how about the seemingly endless number of bugs and birds in rural areas, or that one particularly common, sleepy psychic causing strife to city dwellers?

If any of these sounds familiar, then you may be one of the millions of players - or rather, trainers - enjoying the latest mobile gaming craze. And as with any great adventure, there's a smart way to do it that factors in the safety of your fellow trainers, non-trainers, and yourself!

Whether you're of mystical disposition, valorous at heart, or an instinctual guru - here are some tips to make your team proud and keep your region safe:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled, drivers!

Drivers, be very careful around crosswalks and pedestrians. The only way to see wild creatures - so far - is through the screen on a mobile device. That means that a lot of people are scouring their neighborhoods with their heads down - paying less attention to the real world than they usually would.

  1. Don't play and drive
When driving, you should never play a mobile game - or engage with a mobile device at all. Ever. As an alternative, bring a trusted friend who can catch and swipe on your behalf from the passenger seat. Huh? The role of the front-seat navigator is evolving!
  1. Always wear a seatbelt

Luckily, since you don't need to throw an actual ball to catch your creature, a seatbelt won't constrain your necessary range of movement. As always, keep it buckled up!

  1. Obey the speed limits

Your driver should be mindful of other drivers on the road and obey the speed limits. While egg hatching can only occur under speeds of 20km/h, not everyone is driving this slowly. Always drive safely and mind the rules of the road - and remember, playing is for passengers only.

  1. Stop before you play

Catching new creatures is a great opportunity to explore your community; you never know where you might find a new 'stop or gym. Always be sure to pause in a safe place before you play - don't block the road, and play in a group whenever you are exploring new areas.

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