Whether you're looking for a new vehicle or just looking to understand the financing process, we're ready to help. Start by exploring the basics of vehicle financing or take a credit test run.

At Thor Motors we're committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience.

Bad Credit Car Loans Newmarket, Car Loans Newmarket

Benefits of Financing

Financing has advantages and provides unique benefits:

  • Variety of popular terms are available
  • No kilometre limitations or excess wear and tear charges
  • Customize your vehicle at any time the way you like
  • Each payment helps build vehicle equity toward future trade-in


Buying Your First Car

For some of the best possible rates on car loans the Newmarket area can offer, you should apply for financing directly with us at Thor Motors. Some first-time buyers think they need to bring in independent financing to the dealer in order to obtain the best rate, but the reality is that we have personal relationships with a variety of banks and other lenders. These relationships can get you approved faster, more easily, and often at the best possible rate.

If you're shopping for your first car, you have every right to be excited about your upcoming purchase-but don't forget about the commitment that goes along with any vehicle loan. It is very important for your credit that you pay your payments on time every month. Not doing so can damage your credit score significantly.

Bad Credit Car Loan and Auto Financing Newmarket, Ontario

Car Loans Newmarket

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